Our Lucky Bonsai Tree

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Our Lucky Bonsai Tree

Few plants are as stylish and sophisticated as bonsai. These tiny trees are perfect dramatic decor for indoor spaces, especially desks, offices, and bedrooms. They practically radiate Zen. The most thing to know about bonsai is that it's not a type of plant, but instead, a way of treating a plant. That's important fact because when it comes for caring for your bonsai, you have to give your bonsai the kind of light, water, temperature, etc. that plant type needs. Bonsai is not a type of plant, it's a way of modifying a plant's growth. The Japanese term bonsai explains it best: bon means a low pot and sai refers to plants. So bonsai are simply plants growing in a low pot. Growing and sculpting your own bonsai can take years. But ready-made versions allow you to enjoy the beauty of bonsai right away.

Mini Bonsai variety is grower's choice based on availability

Bonsai prefers bright spot indoors

Water when top inch of soil is drive, it's important not to over water, too much water can make the roots drown and die

Bonsai does require yearly pruning to keep it in shape and from outgrowing its container

Although traditional Japanese bonsai live outdoors, you can enjoy these little trees indoors - in your office, your kitchen, your bedroom, or bathroom grow

Direct, fresh from farm

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